We Offer a Competitive Advantage


Reduce Labor Costs and Workers’ Comp Risks

Hiring temporary employees can be the smart decision when looking to cut costs and stay on a budget. We offer temporary workers that can work any amount of time that you need based on your upcoming project.

Save Time

When choosing us, you will save both time and money on advertising, administrative work and more, so that you can focus on the things that are truly important to your business.

Flexibility to Bid on New Projects

You can now bid on any number of projects, no matter the size, knowing you have workers at your fingertips through our services.

Eliminate Administrative Duties

We can handle a variety of administrative duties for you that include payroll taxes, unemployment fees, workers’ compensation and disability insurance.

Safety Measures

We are dedicated to properly educating all the workers that we send to your job sites and make sure that everyone has passed all necessary safety training before getting to work for you.


Our workers are safety conscious. We train all our workers on proper safety procedures to make sure they can handle whatever tasks required on the job site.

Injury Management

We can handle all the needs of an injured employee. We ask that the events are reported to us when they occur, and we will be there to assist throughout the entire process.

Women Owned Business

Active Workforce is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).